In the words of Heraclitis – “The only constant in life is change”.  The Coronavirus has challenged every one of us to approach each day and human interaction with heightened awareness and precaution.  New opportunities are being developed to challenge our creativity in order to continue to serve our valued clients.  The past 42 years have allowed us to be better prepared to respond to mandated work orders while keeping our team and your family at the center of our mission.

How We Are Protecting Our Team and your Family

Our Production Team is focused on both their and your safety!

Additional precautionary measures are being taken to quarantine your work area while limiting the number of craftspeople in your home at any given time.  While this has the potential to extend project completion timelines, we ask for your patience while we work diligently to complete your project.

We have developed efficiencies with our Vendors and Trade Partners.

Our extended team of Vendors and Trade Partners are equally invested in making the necessary modifications to continue exceptional service to our clients.  We have collaborated with them to develop new approaches to carrying out tasks in your home, while ensuring that the safety of our team and your family is at the center of these new practices.

We are following state-issued work orders for everyone’s safety.

While our state government has determined that we are an “essential” business, there are several measures that must be taken to limit the spread of COVID – 19.  Our team and trade partners must take their temperatures prior to coming to work each day, and not come to work if they or anyone they live with has a fever.  Employees must maintain social distancing from all others of at least 6’.  All employees must use antibacterial hand sanitizer regularly while cleaning tools, handles, and work areas with antibacterial wipes after each use.

Technology has become a conduit for daily routines.

While technology has always been essential to help us service our clients, apps like CoConstruct, UberConference, and Zoom have allowed us to improve our capabilities to communicate.   CoConstruct is our client portal that allows the entire team to communicate with homeowners regarding daily activities, while allowing homeowners to complete tasks such as product selections, etc. remotely.  UberConference and Zoom platforms have been installed to allow for remote meetings and design presentations to proceed.  This new work model has proven to be quite effective and will likely remain as a resource after the precautions of COVID-19 are reduced.

What Has Not Changed

We are still working on existing and new projects.

Our Project Managers and their teams are taking necessary precautions to work in and around your home.  In cooperation with local and state mandates, we are adhering to strict guidelines to protect all parties involved in your project to continue to advance your project toward completion without compromising the quality or integrity of your investment.  We thank you for your patience while we work through these necessary modifications.

Our Design Team is still developing new plans and solutions for future projects.

That’s right!  Our design teams are working from home and are able to provide creative design and plan development to personalize a solution for your home.  This is a great time to engage in the design process.  As you may know, planning takes time and our designers are taking advantage of stay at home work orders to develop projects for future construction.

We will be stronger today than we were yesterday.

As a business that has grown over 42 years, we approach each day with a mindset to grow in service, communication, attention to detail, and quality.  The current situation has motivated us to not only focus in these areas, but has determined us to be a bright spot in your day as we navigate these times. #inthistogetherohio

Do the Five

  1. HANDS        Wash them often
  2. ELBOW         Cough into it
  3. FACE             Don’t touch it
  4. SPACE           Keep Safe Distance
  5. HOME           Stay if you can