Accomplished & Continued Excellence in Remodeling


On Friday, December 8, the J.S. Brown & Co. team celebrated a highly successful 39th year in the remodeling industry– and it’s not over yet. All employees gathered together, which happens on rare occasion, since nearly equal halves of the staff are working in the office and out in the production field.


It was certainly a success with contribution from every part of the company: management, production, sales, design, estimating, marketing, and accounting. Of course, it also takes help turning remodeling ideas into reality from those who J.S. Brown & Co. externally collaborates with on a daily basis: suppliers, subcontractors, advertisers, and local associations.


A noteworthy accomplishment is a 57% increase in total volume backed by highly skilled professionals the company was fortunate enough to to add in management, production, and design. 2017 also included refining and enhancing the company’s remodel process; taking home various national and local industry awards; and a complete branding revamp.


J.S. Brown & Co.’s Christmas party incorporated a formal dinner, humorous gift exchange, and a recap of where the company has been and where it is headed. 2018 means entering into its 40th year of business, which is another rare and exciting remodel industry milestone. Here’s to the year ahead!


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