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    “I spent about 10 years in the industry working for 5 different companies before landing at J.S. Brown & Co.  I felt the difference in the commitment to clients and to employees right away.  I’ve always been encouraged to find the best way to serve both the client and the company and my hard work has always been appreciated.”

    Monica Lewis

    “J.S. Brown & Co. will be my last job. After many years in the construction industry, I have landed with a company that operates with the kind of class and integrity I want to be associated with. It really feels good to be proud to say I work here. You don’t see longevity like this without a commitment to good work and solid customer care. Most companies like J.S. Brown & Co. have an average lifespan of 5 years but this team has been making it happen for 44 years. I’m happy I landed here 7 years ago and I’m sure anyone else joining the team will feel confident they picked a winner.”

    James Sorrell

    “It is an honor to work for a well-established company that has been built on a foundation of integrity!!”

    Tony Pasco