What color should I paint my walls

We’ve all heard “keep it neutral for resale”.  Don’t be afraid! But if you are going to be in your home for more than a couple of years, why not live in a home that you love?  Have it the way you want and enjoy?  After hunkering down with grey and associated muted tones for many years, it is time to add some pizzazz.  Paint manufacturers offer color trends every year:

Benjamin Moore 2023 color of the year

Sherwin Williams 2023 color of the year

Behr 2023 color trends

Paint is an inexpensive way to add color to a home, and it has the benefit of not being a serious relationship commitment.  Still want the “public” rooms to remain more neutral?  Use different colors in bedrooms, as an accent wall or in a small area such as a powder room.

Tile is another element that can be used to introduce color as well as visual texture.  Over the last several years, tile manufacturers have introduced not only new colors, but new sizes and shapes.  They have mixed them up into beautiful designs.  Be it on the wall or the floor, tile can add that element of pop that finishes off the room.

How about wallpaper?  Yes, wallpaper is making a comeback, but it is no longer ruled by tiny florals on all of the walls (and the curtains and the throw pillows and…).  Large patterns, geometrics and much more are available.  This is a material that doesn’t require ripping out major elements to replace it if your tastes change along the way.  (Just remember to use sizing or wallpaper primer first!)  Here’s a great article on current wallpaper trends:  Wallpaper trends

And as a last comment, don’t forget to look up!  Imagine what you can do with that blank canvas…